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This is my space for a creative outlet, to let the world around me know what I think, what I do, and where I think we all should be going - and to maybe do a little good along the way.

I don't intend for this space to be anything earth-shattering...maybe just a way for us to interact, blow off some steam, and maybe come up with a cool "real-world" solution or two for the problems we see.

All I ask is that we be civil with one another. Deal?

Thanks for dropping by - Have fun. Look around. Try not to break anything. :)

Mark Andrew Alan Dewdney
Born August 20, 1973, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Mark is a father to Ella and A.J., husband to Rita, and "Dad" to three street-rescue cats (Siren, Smokey and Sootie).
He is a Toronto EMS instructor who enjoys teaching first aid & CPR to Torontonians via

In his spare time, Mark is an umpire for Baseball Ontario, and has recently been assigned to the Ontario Summer Games, CNE Fall Tournament and Toronto regional playoffs, something of which he is extremely proud.

At home, Mark enjoys sports of all types, both fantasy and real, stitching plastic canvas projects, and engaging others in debate; to wit, in 2010, Mark ran for Toronto City Council. Although the run was ultimately unsuccessful, Mark is proud of the campaign's efforts to bring new light to old issues and adverse situations.

Mark is a proud resident of Toronto's Ward 9 at Keele and Wilson, and is looking forward to a bright future for all.

Stay tuned for more!
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