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21 Feet
Now, at this point, if you believe that one or more cops reported to work today just PRAYING that they would get to kill someone, it's best that we part ways. Don't even read any further.
What, when warned, your emotions won't let you follow direction? Ah. I see...

Point One :
If you have a gun and I have a knife, and you let me within 21 feet of you, you're not safe. The Tueller test (look it up) shows, absolutely and conclusively, that a knife-wielding assailant can kill someone with a handgun if they're within that range. It takes 1.5 seconds for the average person to cross that distance. I know darn well that, in a nice quiet gun range, you couldn't shoot someone twice in that time and guarantee a kill, never mind a stop (they can keep coming even after being hit).

Point Two :
It's then been asked, "So why did the cops get within 21 feet of Sammy Yatim?" Take a look at the video. If the cops backed off 21 feet, would they then be putting members of the public at risk?
You bet - he could easily escape, and if he'd stabbed a bystander - ie, one of those people filming - yesterday's protest would have been MUCH louder (and you know it, too).
Protection of the public is Job One - but Job One-A is protection of the police.

Point Three :
It's pretty clear that Sammy Yatim was not in his right mind. Whether that was due to the influence of drugs (I DON'T KNOW - but something was wrong), a previously undiagnosed mental condition (again, "don't know" means "don't know") or just an incredibly bad series of incredibly bad days, something was up there. Witnesses describe him as borderline psychotic, dropping his pants amidst other frightening behaviour. We like to use cute little pictures of the victim (and he is) in the news, but that was NOT what cops arrived to.

A young man either had a breakdown or took drugs. He then took out a knife amongst a crowd of citizens. The police responded and properly contained the situation. What it then all came down to was twenty-one feet. The cop on the video is plain - "If you move another foot, you're going to die."

At that point, anyone rational would put down the knife - and when they don't, when they say, "F*** pussy," and step over that 21st foot line, we all know what's going to happen.

Sad? You bet - but a lot of people failed Sammy Yatim before the cops got thrown into the mess.

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