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The quick version;
- Trained as a cop (Humber Law Enforcement Program)
- Familiar with police procedure, weapons,tools & mannerisms
- Certified as a volunteer firefighter & paramedic
- Familiar with all fire, rescue & medical tools
I look like a cop, walk like a cop, talk like a cop...
I'm most at home in a uniform, whether it's a firefighter's turnout coat & bunker gear or a bulletproof vest & handcuffs.
I can rush a victim to a waiting ambulance, face down a wall of roaring flame, or draw down on the baddest of bad guys.
Heck, I can even cry on command - useful for funeral scenes.

Noo Yawk accent? Eh, no problem. Laugh? Tease? Stand for hours in the pouring rain? Handcuff someone without hurting them? All in a day's work here.

I take direction well, am punctual, professional and expect to work hard, and the word "no" is NOT in my vocabulary.

To add that touch of authenticity to your next production, hire me as your next emergency worker - you'll be glad you did.
Other skills;
- Certified Sports Official (baseball, basketball, football)
- Experienced football & baseball player
- Good with pets & kids
- Excellent speaking voice (I have worked as a stadium PA announcer & on the radio)
I love to act, and it shows. Typecast? Yes, I suppose I am - and I really don't mind.
Every show needs a cop.