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Happy Father's Day - to my wife
Before I get started : Happy Fathers' Day, Dad. It took a lot for you to do what you did for our family, and you CHOSE to have me - being adopted means just that little bit more - well, a LOT more - on Mothers' and Fathers' Day. I respect you more every day, and I hope it shows in the way I honour you by raising my family right.

When I think of Fathers' Day, I'll admit, sure, I'm looking forward to the handmade cards and the day at the ballpark (hey, baseball gods, hear that? how about you get with the weather gods and hold off the rain - okay? my kids would be very happy)

However, when I think of this day, what I really want to do is fall on my knees (gotta be careful, twisted one umpiring today) and kiss my wife's feet.

Let's face it, guys - without your partner, you'd get ZERO chance at being a Dad. That's physical - inalienable - reality at its' finest. No Mom, no Dad. It's that simple (even for those who adopt, same-sex couples, everything).

From the literal labours of childbirth right through the frustrations of guiding children, husband, finances, battling to stay sexy (!), often a job too, and everything else Moms go through...Mom deserves thanks. Not just in the Oscar-winning speech kind of way - in a genuine, HEARTFELT acknowledgement that we wouldn't be Dads if it weren't for her.

So...Dads...if we're worth half the salt that OUR Dads were...then we'll be smart enough to turn this around and make sure she knows that it's her day too.
Don't just sit back, gobble the steak and have a lazy day; you can do all that, just be sure to thank her for being who she is - and all she does.
Thank the kids, too, for letting you be part of their lives. They'll probably remember that in their bittersweet Mad-At-Dad moments down the line.

Back to Mom, from whom all good comes; it wouldn't hurt to list as many of her accomplishments and efforts as you can recall, too. Being a Dad's a pretty sweet deal - but without Mom, we're NOTHING.

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